HR Consultation



o   Determining the best means for finding candidates
o   Sourcing candidates: developing job descriptions and advertisements
o   Screening resumes
o   Conducting telephonic, face-to-face and video conferencing interviews before forwarding candidates to the client organization.
o   Testing aptitudes, behaviours and competencies through psychometrics (Thomas International tools)
o   Conducting reference checks
o   Developing and facilitating new employee orientation

Cover letter and CV writing services

o   Putting together both targeted and speculative cover letters (or editing one’s that have already been written) that can give you an edge over your competitors.
o   We also write and edit CVs. For graduate making your first foray into employment, looking to get a better job, a top job or a completely new career change.

Benefits and compensation

o   Designing compensation structure
o   Identifying innovating and cost-effective benefits
o   Developing incentive and bonus plans
o   Developing performance-linked compensation structure

HR database management

o   Computerizing human resources systems for tracking employee records, including payroll administration.

Performance management systems

o   Designing scoring matrix for assessing individual performance
o   Putting in place systems for review mechanism and feedback by the employer
o   Developing performance management systems, including appraisal and target sheets

Management training

o   Assessing training needs
o   Developing relevant training programs
o   Executing targeted training
o   Monitoring and evaluating performance
o   Current program offerings, both in-house and open:

Soft skills: business writing; effective communication; presenting with confidence; customer service; leadership skills; team building

Human resources: Training Of Trainers (T.O.T); competency-based recruitment; talent management and succession planning; performance enhancing programs; human resources for non-human resources managers; and attitudinal change workshops.

Employee relations

o   Ensuring legal compliance
o   Developing employee reward and recognition programs, linked to performance
o   Organizing social and recreational events for staff
o   Identifying retention solutions to help improve turnover and employee morale
o   Conducting employee opinion surveys
o   Designing an employee suggestion program
o   Conducting organization-wide climate surveys
o   Managing harmonious industrial relations


We provide Personal, Executive and Corporate Coaching.

o    How to lead the field and get to world-class in your professional life
o    Have clarity of goals
o    Define what success looks like
o    Identify and overcome obstacles and  Challenges
o    Identify and work on blind spots
o    Enable the leaders within your organization to work to their full potential
o    Assist your business on the path to social responsibility.
o    Ways to work and live with more joy, meaning and passion
o    A process to balance the demands of work with your family and personal life
o How to get back to having fun in your life

Excel Management & outsourcing

Excel Management and Outsourcing company (T) Limited is a professional company offering a comprehensive range of HR consultation, Investment consultation, Corporate Branding and stationary services.

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